Our Human Resources Policy


  • Our Human Resources policy is created and implemented in line with medium and long-term goals by integrating our employees' goals and company goals.
  • A dynamic, communication-facilitating, simple and well- functioning organizational structure is provided where taking responsibility, participation and creativity is encouraged.
  • Effective recognition and rewarding systems are implemented to make employees feel that they are a part of the corporate culture and increase their belonging to the company.
  • The motivation and happiness of our employees are prioritized.
  • A transparent and open management policy is followed.
  • The material and moral rights of our employees are respected.
  • Continuous training and self-improvement opportunities are provided to our employees.
  • A working environment where our employees can use their knowledge and skills at the highest level is provided.
  • Systems are created that will allow our employees to grow, develop themselves, be successful and rise.

Human Resources Mission:

Achieving our goals by providing added value as a strategic and effective business partner for the development of our employees.

Human Resources Vision:

To be a preferred company for qualified workforce.