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The zinc produced in our recycling factory is offered to all companies under the brand 'HAYAT ZINK RECYCLING'.

As a result of our R&D studies for the zinc sector, we established Hayat Zinc Recycling Factory in an area of 10.000 m2 in Sakarya 2nd OIZ in 2015.

After the completion of all the preparations, the first zinc products left the factory in June 2016 with the installation of the machines and the production started. The company, which continued to produce high tonnage zinc for a while, decided to sell its zinc plant to Ankara in 2019.

Thanks to the Akova Recycling Factory, which was established in the same year and owned by Hayat Zinc Recycling, we started to process 600 tons of scrap ash per month.

Thus, we quit high tonnage zinc production and started to serve other competitors in the zinc sector as a supplier and determined the main field of activity as supplying zinc to the recycling sector.

It is a great advantage that metals can be recycled unlimitedly without losing any of their quality.

Recycling of metal wastes provides significant energy savings for the national economies.
Metal recycling is achieved by the application of many processes such as collecting, classifying, shredding, transporting, pressing, melting, shaping the metal.

  • Metals, which have a wide range of applications, have been at the center of attention throughout history due to their superior properties.

  • Due to their strength and durability, they are mostly preferred as building and machine materials.

  • Aluminum, which is among steel and non-ferrous metals, which are considered iron-based metals, is among the most recycled products.

  • The large variety of scrap metal and the fact that it cannot be easily separated increases the complexity of the recycling industry.

  • Preserving natural resources and reducing environmental pollution by reducing waste excluding metals to be separated as much as possible are among the priority targets.


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The ingot zinc produced in our Akova Recycling Factory is supplied to all companies in need with the brand "HAYAT". In mineral deposits that are operated economically, zinc, copper, silver, gold and iron minerals are usually found together. The corrosion-resistant zinc coating of iron (hot dip galvanizing) is the main application area of zinc.

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Hayat Zinc Recycling buys and sells all kinds of aluminum products and supplies raw materials to all producers in need. Aluminum is a soft and light metal with a matt silvery color. It is usually found in the form of bauxite ore in nature and is known for its superior resistance to oxidation. It is used in the production of millions of different products in many branches of the industry...

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Hayat Zinc Recycling buys and sells all kinds of lead products and supplies raw materials to all producers in need. Lead is a mixture of blue-silver colors. It melts at 327,5 ° C and boils at 1740 ° C. It is among the naturally occurring metals and is one of the best recyclable materials in terms of recovery rate....


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