Ethical Values

img The moral behavior of our employees reflects us.

Supporting our employees who are open to learning, who can offer suggestions and who want to realize themselves by seizing development opportunities are among the values that make us who we are.

All of our employees are expected to be exemplary employees within the company and to act outside the company that will improve the reputation and trust structure of our company.

All of our employees are obliged to show the necessary sensitivity to our ethical rules and to fulfill their responsibilities.

Our Working Culture

The principle of honesty is the basis of all the works that Hayat Zink Recycling has done. Our company has assumed a duty to act by fulfilling all the requirements of legal regulations. Ethical and moral values have always been the top priority of our company.


Our employees, customers and all of our business partners are obliged to comply with the rules of confidentiality determined by law. Our company approaches with utmost sensitivity to the protection of the information, values and private information of our customers and employees with whom we have made business agreements within the scope of GDPR.

Personal Rights and Job Security

Our company is obliged to fulfill the legal rights of all employees in a timely and complete manner. We expect our employees to work in a safe environment by preparing the environment where they can express themselves in the best way possible.

All measures that can be taken in the name of occupational health and safety are taken by experienced OHS Specialists and workplace doctors.

Hayat Zink Recycling becomes a follower of applications by supporting them with resources by compling with all processes, regulations etc. published within the company.


Our company never accepts any kind of discrimination that may arise regarding the age, religion, language, health status, gender, marital status of all our employees. The Human Resources Department creates awareness on this issue and takes the necessary actions to work in an equitable environment.


Hayat Zink Recycling tries to prevent waste by ensuring that all resources are used in the best and most efficient way while performing the works undertaken in the place where it is established. It acts in accordance with its Environmental Policy.

It takes maximum care to protect the environment in all its works and asks the institutions and organizations with which it has business relations to show the same care.

Reporting Unethical Situations

Hayat Zink Recycling undertakes to comply with all legal regulations and rules of the country in which it is located. It is obliged to protect the information of its internal and external customers and expects all parties to show the same care. In a possible rule and unethical situation, this data, information or documents are requested to be sent immediately to the e-mail address below.